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Franklin is a private investment holding specialized in the acquisition of under-performing small and medium-sized companies and under-managed non-core business units

We actively define tailor-made transaction structures and business continuity plans while supporting the operational improvement of our invested companies

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We are entrepeneurs taking full operational responsibility with the aim of building a better future for the companies we invest in

We value meritocracy and believe that everyone has the right to express their opinions and are encouraged to share them openly and often

We foster a test and learn approach because improving and refining one's views ultimately leads to long term and great success

What if...

Industrial technology concept. Communication network. INDUSTRY 4.0. Factory automation.
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Small and Mid Caps

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Industry Agnostic

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Robots in a Car Factory

Sales from EUR5m up ​to EUR100m for ​plateform acquisition

All industries except R&D-intensive and property-focused businesses

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Geographical Location


EBITDA below industry average, break even or negative

Western Europe with a focus on France, the United Kingdom and Italy


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We are a situational experts

We establish a clean cut with the seller and turn verticaly intergrated business into standalone sme's

We provide a collaborative work culture, talking openly about problems and reaching decisions quickly

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We bring active support and our expertise in operational turnaround and financing to management teams

We have access to a wide network of partners specialized in various industries

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TYPICAL INvestment scenario

Franklin is a reliable partner for companies with scope for operational improvements

Companies in special situations

Companies with significant potential for operational improvement

Carve-out from larger companies or corporates

Management buy-outs/buy-ins

In many cases, the business unit to be divested is not a standalone company.

The starting point may be a single production site, which requires sales, R&D, and management structures before full independence can be achieved.

This is what we do

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58 rue de Monceau

75008 Paris


+33 (0) 699 663 288


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